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Month: February 2015

Hellfire Pass

Glamping Thailand: Things To Do At Hellfire Pass

Hintok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass ‘s recreational and mini adventurous activities will acquaint you with close-contact to nature such as mountain biking, trekking at Hellfire Pass, canoeing, bamboo rafting and visiting Mon tribal village and many other excursions. Trekking Along a 4-kilometer walking trail visitors can take a closer look at this historical Hellfire…

History behind Hintok Glamping Resort

Along with the promising accommodation in Hintok valley, there is much more tours and trips to offer. A adventure that is never forgotten. A World War II Historical Museum –This is just at top of the hintok mount, above the valley of Hintok rail construction. A place where British POWs and Australian POWs lifestyle is…

Glamping Thailand: Relaxing Stay Amidst Nature’s Charm!

It happens at times when we overlook or don’t have time to enjoy in the elementary pleasures of life. For instance, hearing to the crackling of a dancing fire while nested under a warm quilt under a layer of stars; scrambling over a tough fence post to walk through a pasture of uncultivated flowering plants…

Tented Camp – Best Place To Stay During Thailand Safari

Are you planning to go on a safari tour but not able to decide whether to book and stay under tented camps or in a permanent setting lodge. Prior to taking any decision, you need to be attentive as in case of camping resorts Thailand things aren’t appears to be the same as they look…

River Kwai Hotel – For Luxury Camping Resorts in Thailand!

Luxury or Glamorous Camping, more popularly known as ‘glamping’ – is the term given to a 5 star tented camp, usually in some of the most amazing locations available. The most attractive thing about luxury camping, and which is also been seen as the key reason for its high popularity and prominence, is that it…

Glamping Thailand – An Experience of a lifetime!

Glamping can be defined as a luxurious format of a tented camp. With an infinite range of lavish tented camp sites available across the globe, glamping has turn out to be a trend that is attracting all kinds of vacationers. Following are a couple of striking features that a glamping Thailand site offers: Nature Friendly:…

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