Are you planning to go on a safari tour but not able to decide whether to book and stay under tented camps or in a permanent setting lodge. Prior to taking any decision, you need to be attentive as in case of camping resorts Thailand things aren’t appears to be the same as they look from far.

To majority of travelers, even the smallest discussion on the word “camping” fills their hearts with fear invoking scenes of fights within tents and howling storm. However, in camping resorts Thailand, staying under tented camps can be one of the plushest experiences one can ever have in a lifetime. In fact, tented camps are one of the best options available to stay on an expedition. Thus, adding a value to your trip that you simply won’t get in a solid formation like a big hotel.

Key Features of a Tented Camp

  1. They offer a great deal of features to make your stay a lot more comfy than you can even imagine.
  2. Tented camps are generally small in size and mostly owned by private individuals, so their attention to detail and service standards are by and large better than the big hotels.
  3. In a tented camp, you get the feel of wild and nature with greater proximity which is all the more exciting.   Not like a big hotel room where you get sealed in a packed room and cannot enjoy the natural surroundings including the chirping of birds, the roaring of tiger, elephant’s trumpet, etc. offers a holiday retreat in the Thailand’s dense jungle and the beautiful River Kwai. To seek out the inspiring, unique and exceptional jungle safari – visit our website