Hintok River Camp


Hintok River Camp: Glamping in Thailand

Hintok River Camp: Glamping in Thailand Author : ONTHEWAYTOTV.COM My adventure with glamping began last month in Kanchanaburi (Thailand), as Hintok River Camp at Hellfire Pass was the first glamping spot I ever stayed at. The truth is, I wasn’t fully aware of what glamping was only until recently.‘I’m going glamping with my sister, I…

Glamping in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Glamping in Kanchanaburi, Thailand Author : Merel Nahuijsen Lip gloss, long hair and wind are not a good combination. Holding on to the railing of the boat on the Kwai river, I try to keep my long hair out of my face. Why on earth did I apply lip gloss this morning? And why did…

History of the Lawa Cave

Origin of the name This cave has the name LAWA. When an explorers found human skeletons and animal bones in the cave, they turned out to be around 3000 years old. They found signs from religion practices, these probably came from a community that lived during that time with the LAWA culture, so that is…

Hintok After the World War II

Sketch by John W. Wisecup of burial detail, Hintok, Thailand. Courtesy of the Oral History Program, University of North Texas. In Hell Under the Rising Sun (2008). John Wisecup was captured on Java after the sinking of his ship, the heavy cruiser USS HOUSTON, on 1st March 1942. The HOUSTON in company with the Australian…

25th of April, the ANZAC Day

One of the biggest and most important national occasions for Australia and New Zealand is the Anzac Day. The abbreviation ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Cops. This day is commemorated on the 25th of April and marks the anniversary of the first military action fought by Australia and New Zealand in the…

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