Luxury or Glamorous Camping, more popularly known as ‘glamping’ – is the term given to a 5 star tented camp, usually in some of the most amazing locations available.

The most attractive thing about luxury camping, and which is also been seen as the key reason for its high popularity and prominence, is that it brings far-flung beautiful areas within the reach of people who feel that they just can’t adjust in a normal tented camp and its environ. It is also a sign of relief for those who even get flinch at the mere thought of seeing a snake, or rolling over in their sleeping bag. They need not fear any longer! For them River Kwai Hotel arranges naturally luxurious Thailand glamping site at Hellfire Pass. Such camping resorts Thailand also offer magnificence camping experience in traditional tents. Many high-class glamping destinations use tented camp that look like semi permanent arrangements generally set on poles with good quality flooring, sky-scraping ceilings, comfy furniture, modern toilets and showers to take bath.

Luxury Camping is designed mainly for the higher end of the market. And operators too have reasons to defend their point such as-

  • Just to be different and unique, they go far-off distant places in search of beautiful sites for glamping.
  • It is for their guest comfort only that they provide every possible luxury at such remote places at their particular establishment.

There are many other features that camping resorts Thailand provides such as:

  • Eco friendly Tents
  • Spa baths
  • Fine linen/bedding
  • Exotic location
  • Great picturesque surrounding
  • Privacy
  • Exclusive excursions – Rafting, mountaineering, jungle safaris, voyaging, etc.
  • Log fires in the tent
  • Fine dining with world class chefs serving local and exotic produce
  • Fine wines

Another apparent reason for the increasing popularity of glamping facility offered at River Kwai hotel is that many affluent and socially settled people always remain in quest of “the next big thing” they can do and share their experience and images among their friends and social circle as well as on social sites. Thus, nowadays people see glamorous camping as a status symbol as well!