Glamping can be defined as a luxurious format of a tented camp. With an infinite range of lavish tented camp sites available across the globe, glamping has turn out to be a trend that is attracting all kinds of vacationers. Following are a couple of striking features that a glamping Thailand site offers:

  1. Nature Friendly: With glamping, you get more by paying less. While in case of hotels, the cost of energy and materials used in the building and running the establishment requires huge sum of money. However, there are many examples in case of glamping accommodations or tented camps that get benefits of environing components of nature such as composting toilets, solar power and working gardens to name a few.
  2. Close to Nature: Glamping Thailand sites connect travelers with the beautiful nature and let them enjoy and have an amazing experience that can be remembered for a lifetime. So why not just elude from the noisy and uncongenial place to take a break in the nature’s lap from the hustle and bustle of cities. Glamping Thailand offers an opportunity to unwind and refresh yourself when your life happens to be feverish. Such tented camps provide a chance to step out of the door of your tent or tree house into your own private nature’s retreat.
  3. Unending Thrilling Activities: Mountaineering, biking, cycling, water rafting, voyaging, animal or bird viewing and camp fire to list a few. One can participate in any such activities along with relishing glamping experience.

In Thailand, you can find various glamping accommodations situated on some of the best river side in the world, one such naturally luxurious tented hotel or one can say camping resort near River Kwai, Kanchanaburi, Thailand is Hintok River Camp @ Hellfire Pass.

To get fresh air and sheer leisure, experience Glamping Thailand and have memories for the lifetime.