GLAMPING is the new buzzword in the internet world these days. Actually, it is an internet slang made up of two words – Glamorous and Camping. Nowadays, the upcoming trend of glamorous camping experience is known as “glamping” – in which tourists have the desire to spend time in the jungle safari but cannot sleep on the ground, walk in the dark to common toilets or prepare food over campfires.

Present day vacationers wishes to take pleasure in the beauty of nature without going through all the troubles and discomfort of exiting all the amenities of the modern times. Thus, glamping is an enhanced version of camping to enjoy the nature with luxury.

What is Glamping?

Simply stated, glamping is glamorous camping. It is nowhere mentioned that from where this idea of Glamping Thailand originated in this country, but it has got worldwide popularity in just one decade. Up to date, there are over thousands sites to glamp located across the globe.

Glamping is the most appropriate for the type of persons who don’t like to carry any burden on their head while traveling. With glamping Thailand, vacationers can feel free from the trouble of carrying tents, sleeping bags, and other camping related things along with them.

Glamping in Thailand

There are several glamp sites at various locations of the world. Planning a “glamp tour” is no different than a regular holiday tour. The only difference is that on a regular holiday tour, you need to make reservations for hotel, cab and all. While, in case of glamping tours – you merely have to make a booking at the “glamp” site of your choice, and they will set everything for you.

Just like a hotel or resort, “glamp” sites in Thailand also offer a variety of accommodation options — you can get a tent or a cabin with one bed, two beds, with an attached kitchen, and so on. Besides this, you can also enjoy outdoor activities like boating, hiking etc. There are many benefits attached with Thailand Glamping like:

  • No more hassles.
  • No pitching of tents.
  • No need to carry or bring own camping stuff.
  • A convenient and comfortable stay in a well equipped tent with all modern facilities like electricity, TV, a nice bed and many more.
  • Facilities of restaurant or your own fully furnished ensuite kitchen to cook and relish.

So, just make prior bookings and leave all your worries as everything is set for you at your favorite glamp-site.