It happens at times when we overlook or don’t have time to enjoy in the elementary pleasures of life. For instance, hearing to the crackling of a dancing fire while nested under a warm quilt under a layer of stars; scrambling over a tough fence post to walk through a pasture of uncultivated flowering plants bending in the gentle wind; or listen to tales of friends, family and loved ones around a table loaded with delectable cuisines.  These are the simple delights that subsist in the perfect nature of Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand.

In the recent past, a trend has evolved enormously all across the world that extends open air fanciers with a new version to leisure and refresh. It is called glamping – a new term for a new sort of expedition. Defined as glamorous camping, “Glamping” is a perfect blend of glamour and camping. Glamping as an activity has emerged internationally over the last decade. When you are glamping Thailand, there is no need to (as you generally do in case of simple tented camp):

  • set up any tent on your own,
  • unroll your sleeping bags every time you want to relax, and
  • build any fire.

No matter whether you chose to abode in a tent, dome, airstream, hut, cabin or tree house, glamping is just the right way to experience the great open air stay without making a sacrifice of luxuries.

Many independent property builders and global hospitality brands have took advantage of Glamping as the most tossing up demand among travelers are interested in experiencing just the better side of camping by leaving the dilemma attached. As glamping sites offers the high level of service that revolves around providing the all over comfort to the guests.

Let us introduce you to the most sought after Thailand glamping site @ Hellfire Pass – The Hintok River Camp.  This naturally luxurious Thailand glamping site is perfect for nature lovers and for those having interest in the stunning historical past of this area. All these features when combine into one; offer some of the most incredible holiday experiences in the Thailand. Especially, for families with kids and for those travelers who came to escape the hustle and bustle and loosen up in nature’s charm and country comfort.