For most of us life is a constant rush of modern times, working in big cities and typing away on keyboards. While we might not work less than earlier, we definitely work and live differently. The hard labour is often being replaced by office work and the places that still do have hard labour are often within the city with the use of bigger and better modern tools. This all shows how much we developed as humans, how much we innovated and evolved throughout the centuries.

Yet, many of us feel suffocated by this life as well. There is a resurgence in the search for adventure, nature and escaping from the modern city life. People go out for weekend trips into the nature, watch television shows of others going “Back to Basic” and spend their holidays on adventurous trips themselves.

For many the idea of going out there and experiencing adventure and nature is not only a way of escaping the city life, it is also a way of understanding other perspectives and way of living. By going to these different places, you meet different cultures, do different activities and enrich yourself in cultural knowledge. While this change might definitely be because of a romanticized idea of adventure, it does showcase the search for it in our society.

As said before, there are many ways in which this idea of feeling part of an adventure can be reached. Many televisions shows such as ‘Man vs the wild’ and ‘Dual Survival’ to name a few focus on this aspect of educating the ones watching the series as well as giving a safe momentarily escape from the busy life. Another way is travelling; finding hidden spots throughout the world and be adventurous while still having the safety net of home in the big city. Whether it is camping in the outback, spending a day walking in the park or Glamping at the most beautiful spots in the safari.

Hintok, a great adventurous getaway.


Serenata offers this experience in many different ways as well. While the city of Kanchanaburi can be deemed as busy life as well, the location of the resorts offer the ultimate adventure experience. Hintok River Camp is one of these locations where you can not only escape the big city but also getting an idea of how it is to live adventurous, while still having the comfort of a holiday stay. The camp has a campfire are night, tents to sleep in and sheep’s walking around the camp all the while being surrounded by beautiful and stunning nature.

Escape the city, go into the nature, experience different lifestyles and be adventurous.