When you have a trip you will plan about your look. Everyone wants to share cool style on Social Media. Let check your style for next Camping trip with 4 Camping Styles.

Photo courtesy: FashionMeNow

Winter is coming… over size of sweater look like Boy Style. Matching with green pants it looks cool. And if you have white or off-white scarf it so very nice. Don’t forget sunglasses.

Photo courtesy: Lisa Yngsdal | InHonourOfDesign

If you have a camping plan, you will forget your jeans. And if you match with plaid shirt it so look great Aww… with wool hat too.

Photo courtesy: Megan Daniel @meganmdaniel

Now we’re not winter season anyway! It’s not a problem. You can wear T-Shirt and jeans shot pants. Wear ankle boots and Plaid Shirt for girded. Very Cool

Photo courtesy: Ashley Pavlicek | LizmarieBlog

Jeans Jacket is one of the famous wear you can have. It’s one of the classic item for camping looks. You can use pattern hanky for headband and wear easy t-shirt inside.