The biggest cave of Kanchanaburi is located closely to the river Kwai Noi and surrounded by the wild jungle and lofty mountains. The 500 meter-long Kaeng Lawa Cave is definitely worth a visit if you are passing the area.

The Cave

After passing a narrow entrance a spacious cave will welcome you, ready to reveal its hidden secrets. There are several chambers like a music chamber, throne chamber and curtain chamber. Wonder about the formation of the natural stalagmites and stalactites along with the Buddha statues which can be found in the cave. The trip gets even more exciting when you will see the Khun Kitti bat. It is the smallest bat in the world with a span-wide of 10 cm and a weight of less than 2 gram. The harmless bat is only living in this part of Thailand and will fly quickly away when you come to close.

How to get there

The Cave can be reached in several ways. You can go by boat starting at the Pak Saeng Pier (45 min) or by car which is about 75 kilometer from Kanchanaburi City or 18 kilometers from Sai Yok Noi. After crossing the bridge Ban Kaeng Raboet, visitors can continue by walking uphill for about 50 meters. There are also quite some resorts located close by like the River Kwai Resotel (a stylish bungalow resort) and the Float House (Luxurious floating on the river Kwai). These resorts are ideal starting points for sportive people who would like to combine the trip to the Lawa Cave with an adventurous mountain bike ride (15 min or more) or by hike through the jungle towards the Cave.

Nice to know

The Kaeng Lawa Cave is open all days from 9.00 h. to 16.00 h. and the admission fee is about 200 Baht. Do not forget to bring a torch as it can be dark inside the cave! A guide is also a good idea although you can also decide to go on this exciting adventure by yourself.