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* Reservation must be made at least 48 hrs before the departure date.

Please read before planning any connecting trip
We plan to return to Bangkok at approximately 06.00 PM.
However, please be aware of the fact that under some uncertain traffic circumstances it may be harder to reach Bangkok on time, especially during long weekends or public holidays in Thailand. Although this situation is extremely rare, we once returned to Bangkok around 08.30 PM. Therefore, please kindly take note of this when making plans regarding your connection trip (may it be a flight, bus trip or car ride) after the tour.

Rather take your time before continuing your journey?
Located approximately 5 minutes walking from Ratchaprarop Airport Rail Link Station, our budget friendly boutique hotel in the city of Bangkok may be the perfect solution for you. Without having to hurry for your connection trip, you can spend a relaxed night at our hotel to continue your journey fresh and full of energy the next day.
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